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Aug 2, 2019

Many blockchain projects are looking for direction, as they may have a brilliant idea but no idea how to implement it in real-time. ICOs have been, and still are, the way for many blockchain projects to raise money to put their ideas in motion. The latest iteration of crypto-crowdfunding, the STO, is basically a more regulated and coveted ICO, which allows investors to have a little more peace of mind when investing in a blockchain-based project (please listen to Episode 39, Securities, Utilities and SEC! Oh My! With US Securities Attorney, Jonathan Dunsmoor for more on STOs, as well Episode 44, What Does the Future Hold for Blockchain and Crypto in 2019).

In this podcast, we talk to Stefan Deiss, CEO, and Founder of Blockchain Propulsion about their end-to-end practitioner service for blockchain start-ups and enterprises. Their platform allows experienced blockchain entrepreneurs to launch successful blockchain-powered businesses and Security Token Offerings (STOs) by utilizing a team of experts who lift projects to a place that most projects will ever be.

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