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Nov 30, 2019

Join me, Aviva Õunap, as I talk to Kyle Hill of (yes, with 3 consecutive e's) on how his company is going to change the gift card industry! Many times people receive gift cards for retailers they don’t frequent, so there are huge amounts of money that go unused. All of those unused balances, called breakage, go straight to the retailer’s pockets, and it makes a significant amount of income for them.

The gift card industry has constructed the system to be inefficient and inflexible for users so they can take back billions of dollars in unspent balances. In 2016, $160 billion dollars of gift cards were sold and it is still the case that up to 20% of all gift cards sold will never be redeemed. Tune in to this podcast on your favorite podcasting platform and find out for yourself what is going to do about taking on the gift card industry.

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