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Jun 27, 2019

Join me, Aviva Ounap and Michal Blaško, Lead Organiser of BLOCKWALKS as we talk about smart cities and how blockchain will change the delivery of public services and ultimately the lives of citizens at BLOCKWALKS 2019!
Bratislava Castle in Slovakia will hold the second annual BLOCKWALKS European Conference on October 10, 2019. Top-level government officials and prominent industry leaders in smart technology, blockchain, and Internet of Things will come together to discuss current and future applications of blockchain and smart technology in the public sector.
The conference is a response to the growing impact blockchain technology has on countries all over the world. As governments are starting to test out different blockchain solutions to improve their administrations and public services, it becomes extremely important to get the integration of blockchain right, especially when it comes to delicate information such as handling the private data of citizens and the supply of key services.
This is an event ‘not to miss’! Mark it on your calendar and get your tickets today by visiting

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