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Mar 23, 2020

Coronavirus and the Crypto Markets. What’s going on?

What is going on with the Crypto Marketplace during this time of the COVID-19 outbreak, otherwise known as the coronavirus pandemic? On March 12 of this year, Bitcoin (BTC) experienced the biggest single-day drop since 2013, losing around 40% of its value, but shortly after experienced a gain of 16%, which no other market mirrored.

Although Bitcoins' price has started to show a bit of strength in its recovery since the 12th of March, is this something we can expect to continue? Join Ben Jessel, journalist, and me, Aviva Ounap, host of Crypto and Blockchain talk as we look at the cause of the drop.

Was it the short-term holders selling their 281,000 BTC, which resulted in the crash? But most importantly, what – or who - was responsible for the jump up in price? Are the same people responsible for Bitcoin's price rise this year the same people responsible for its fall?

Who knows, but one thing is for sure – we have a great time discussing it here on this free podcast! Join us, we would LOVE to have you as our listener!

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