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Dec 10, 2021

Nader Al-Naji’s journey in the world of blockchain has only just started and he has done so much. From mining 23 Bitcoin as a student at Princeton to raising $140M for Basis, a decentralized stablecoin, to his latest project,, there is no question that he is the one to watch. If this was not enough, Nader is also the creator of BitClout, a social app built on the DeSo blockchain, but Nader is looking for even more amazing projects to join in the fun – so his non-profit company created a pot of money to the tune of $50M USD to support new, groundbreaking projects in the social space. Social networks have been under greater scrutiny now more than ever before, due to the sometimes anti-social and questionable content, so will DeSo be able to help with this aspect of the social dilemma? Join Aviva Ounap, host of Crypto and Blockchain Talk, as she and Nader explore the social side of blockchain and ask, what does the future of social really look like?

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