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Nov 12, 2019

E-RESIDENCY IN ESTONIA? Join me, Aviva Ounap and Marek Herm from as we talk about what the Estonian e-residency program is, plus we discuss some other interesting information surrounding this initiative. To become an e-resident there is an application form, a €100 fee, and a wait until you receive your approval from the government.

Estonia’s e-residency initiative offers foreigners the chance to base their business and finances in a country with not even 2 million citizens – but just how effortless is this program?

Since 2014, the Estonian program has issued approximately 60,000 e-residency permits for over 6,000 companies operated remotely from 136 countries around the world. E-residents also brought in over €15 million in tax revenue for Estonia, so it really is a great program for the country, but what about the participants? Listen and find out!

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