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Jul 19, 2019

What do companies expect in a Blockchain solution? Well, Kadena founders Will Martino and Stuart Popejoy have been around the “block” a few times. After fate had them meeting at JP Morgan’s Blockchain Center of Excellence, researching the technology's financial services potential and delivering the JPM coin, they moved on to deliver an enterprise-level solution that is going to become the secret sauce to many corporations. They developed Kadena’s first private blockchain protocol, ScalableBFT, and since then, Kadena’s team has built tools for widespread public adoption as well, such as Pact, a simple and safe smart contract language, and Chainweb, an upcoming proof-of-work protocol to scale the public blockchain.

These breakthroughs power Kadena’s hybrid platform that spans both private and public blockchain solutions, showing that these guys really know how to build solutions for companies, allowing them to gear up for the future using a form of blockchain technology unlike any other. Get into fifth, Kadena has arrived!

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