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Jun 6, 2018

ICO INSIGHT: BitLearn Network

We at Crypto and Blockchain Talk interviewed Fred Jin, CEO of BitLearn, who develops a new learning ecosystem with his team, which will tokenize college savings, capture skills acquired onto the blockchain, and empowers the best educators.


They plan to make games educational with engaging kids who spend time on gaming and to provide them quality educational content.


  1. Best content from educators
  2. Engage kids and award them
  3. Help parents with insights.
  4. Giving skills that are needed in private sector.


Helping kids who struggle with homework and parents who might not know how to help them. BitLearn awards the students with tokens for their college fund. Learning quest instead of homework. Local schools are engaged.


The most asked question for ICO Insight followers is how is blockchain implemented? In BitLearn:

  1. Tokens are embedded inside of it.
  2. Kids get experience and parents claim award, set up savings plan.


There is already a teacher portal available with beta users. They can upload their learning sequence into their game format. They started for K8 and K12 classes, but plan for higher education and corporate learning. BitLearn launches in the U.S. first and hits worldwide market later.


When is ICO coming out? It’s a simple reward token so people get rewarded when downloading the app and solving puzzles so there will be no traditional ICO.


What is the revenue model? Small percentage premium fee is charged from parents and gives additional parental control features. Reward kids through good activities, earning and taking ownership with good financial literacy features built in.


BitLearn challenges kids to take ownership of their own learning progress. To spread the joy of learning. A lot of top educational content is broken into small bite size like learning sessions that are 2 to 5 minute long games. Education is a core element of the BitLearn platform. BitLearn is using blockchain technology and Making You Smarter.


Public beta coming soon. To signup, please visit

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