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Mar 8, 2019

In this episode of Crypto and Blockchain Talk, we interview Richard Holmes, the CEO of (with more information found on An app, Lolly reinvents the relationship between brands and customers at all offline and online touchpoints and points-of-sale. Lolly rewards users in their cryptocurrency, Lolly, for joining and for “information mining”: adding tags, businesses, brands, and vouchers directly from their mobile. According to Richard, every user is a Lolly holder, creating the first truly “made for the mass-market” cryptocurrency.

Users match their favorite brands, products, services, and businesses with their location. Lolly turns mobiles into a tool for them to find what they want, when they want and where they are.

Lolly coins can be used to make payments to businesses, brands, and friends, or be sold to brands and businesses on the marketplace and to other users through exchanges.

Lolly will provide brands and businesses the opportunity to engage millions of target customers via mobile as they spearhead the mobile brand engagement and mass-market blockchain revolution.

Join us for this episode and see what the future of brand awareness, with blockchain, looks like!

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