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Nov 20, 2018


For decades, our homes have remained more or less the same. Our phones have evolved from the size of bricks to small powerhouses

full of advanced technology, yet our homes haven’t evolved much for over 50 years.

We are stuck in the same home lifestyle as in the 60’s, turning the lights on and off with a flip of a mechanical switch, working a complex

TV remote control, not knowing what half of the buttons do, while we ignore most of the oven’s features when we heat up dinner, and clean up

mostly using outdated tools.

The idea of advanced living has been floating around for quite some time. For years, Sci-Fi movies have depicted characters controlling

everything in their environment with their natural voice and gestures, speaking to an intelligent computer entity that listens, understands,

and can respond contextually. There is an AI assistant that does whatever the owner asks of it. But the current designs and developments

have fallen far short of humanity’s aspirations. Where is this promised land?

Integrated Living

Wisp combines connected devices, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to create an ecosystem of "integrated living".
It is connected with the home as well as with building facilities and a variety of the local service providers.



  • Adjust the lights and the temperature, control kitchen appliances, the TV and other entertainment systems;
  • Contact the security desk, the property manager, parking and shuttle services of the building;
  • Book a conference hall, reserve a table at the café, call a taxi or an Uber, order your favourite pizza, etc...

Fully conversational AI

Users can interact with Wisp using regular, conversational speech. It doesn’t require the user to memorize specific commands to understand

what the user wants; it can understand natural human language and comprehend open-ended requests.

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