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Feb 1, 2019

Today we are talking to Kenn Lend, Technical Project Manager for Zelectrix. Zelectrix is developing an innovative on-and off-grid charging system for electric vehicles (EVs) powered by a strong renewable energy infrastructure. They are building strategically located, ultra-fast, 350kW charging stations.

The solution is very interesting as they are making on-grid charging stations supplemented with self-sustaining off-grid chargers, allowing Zelectrix to serve EV owners even in more rural places. Based on regional data, the off-grid chargers can be placed in the most optimal locations for local EV owners, covering vast areas and greatly reducing one of the main problems with the current EV industry, known as range anxiety – or the fear of running out of charge.

Their chargers run on 100% green energy and are designed for maximum versatility featuring multi-standard charge sockets to fit all types of EVs.

The Zelectrix EV charging grid is enhanced by a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence (AI) processing fabric developed by Thought, creating one of the most efficient charging grids in the world.

Deploying Thought’s AI fabric within the grid will provide it with automated monitoring and optimization capabilities, ensuring an efficient energy flow to every charger based on real-time supply and demand, improving the stability of the grid, and predicting component failures ahead of time. Thought’s AI is able to coordinate trips with charging stations to allow the total ensemble to engage in dynamic discharge management, alleviating hotspots while minimizing inconvenience to travellers.

The goal of Zelectrix is to drive the zero emission movement, while earning revenue through multiple streams. Besides Thought AI joining Zelectrix in the development of their solutions, Phoenix Contact, a $2BN USD company with a major footprint in the engineering and automation space, has also partnered with them, making their team and solutions strong and sustainable.


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