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Aug 9, 2019

Join Jonathan Dunsmoor of Dunsmoor Law and me, Aviva Ounap, Host of Crypto and Blockchain Talk, as we explore Initial exchange offerings (IEOs). IEOs have been growing in popularity in the past few months as ICOs (initial coin offerings) have started to move into the background and STOs (security token offerings) are only just starting to take off. IEOs have stepped in to fill the void, but are they a good idea?

IEOs are really only ICOs, or token sales, that are held only on crypto exchanges. The exchange acts as an intermediate party between the investor and the project trying to raise funds. Investors claim to benefit from the perceived increase in security because the crypto exchanges claim to ‘vet’ each project beforehand, while projects can save costs on marketing and listing fees for their token offerings. But this may not be all it is cracked up to be.

Like ICOs or any investment, all IEOs are not created equal. Therefore, there is a number of things investors should do before taking part in an IEO – namely, thorough research, or due diligence.

Projects that are floated on a crypto exchange need as much research as any other investment of interest. You must conduct thorough research on every project you are looking to sink your hard-earned money into. Do not expect anyone to have your back when it comes to your investments.

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