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May 1, 2019

The global metals trade exceeds $2.7 trillion per annum, derivatives over 60x the physical market. Nearly 3 billion metals contracts are traded on the major markets each year by some 17 million commodities traders.

Over the past decade, online tools have made trading in options, equities, forex and crypto-currency readily available and trading has proliferated. However, there is currently no readily accessible, specialist metals trading platform online and many traders stay away from metals.

MetaliCoin Value Proposition

Trade any metal as easily and efficiently as you currently trade forex, options or crypto-currency. Trading is easy, fast and low cost, with small minimum volumes and access to every metal in the world from anywhere, 24 hours a day. Fully regulated, highly secure and backed by the transparency of the blockchain and world-class identity management and trading infrastructure, so you can trade with confidence. The initial Metalicoin audience is an existing individual trader and metal hedgers.

The Digital Metal Exchange (DMX)

A best of breed digital metals exchange that allows traders to buy and sell metals with fiat currency or crypto. Providing 24/7 blockchain based peer to peer trading with instant execution and low fees, via secure smartphone or web app. DMX users trade digital commodities on an SEC-regulated platform supporting over 19 clearing banks, leading trading, asset custodianship, and finance institutions. The platform provides access to US and global markets and larger traders can gain access to dark pools. The Metalicoin DMX offers fiat to crypto on-ramp/off-ramp from over 160 currencies and top 10 cryptos and will also provide MetaliCoin branded MasterCard and UnionPay cards.

Core Technology consists of:

  • Bank level secure platforms and servers with AU-driven security
  • Highly secure digital asset wallet stores fiat, crypto, and all digital assets
  • User-friendly web and mobile app interfaces
  • High volume digital asset exchange engine
  • High-end identity management for KYC, AML, CTF compliance

The Metalicoin Road Map

  • Core metals exchange (Q3, 2019): All metals available on LME
  • Dark pools (Q4, 2019): Access high volume, large scale trades in metals
  • Margin/Leverage trading and derivatives (Q4, 2019)
  • Issue MetaliCoin branded virtual and physical cards (Q1, 2020)
  • Users participate in margin pool and clearing pool (Q2, 2020)

Business Model

MetaliCoin makes money from transaction fees, spreads, margin fees, card fees, coin issuance, coin listing (of 3rd party metal backed coins), dark pool trading, market making, and clearing activities.

Why Invest in Metalicoin?

MetaliCoin delivers a strong value proposition by delivering secure, easy access to the Metals Market. Users save money by cutting out middle-men and hidden fees. They enjoy small minimums (quantities to suit individual needs), transparent markets for precious, industrial and technology metals (eg Lithium, Indium, etc). The DMX is based deploys best of breed digital trading, wallet, payment, identity management, and security. It is based on blockchain for secure, 24/7, peer to peer trading in a fully regulated environment to provide investor and user security.

Exit options include listing or being acquired by a major trading house or exchange.

The business will build enterprise value via multiple revenue streams and significant growth leverage and highly scalable infrastructure.

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