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Jul 7, 2020

What is happening with the human race? How is it that we are now so addicted, so believing, so sheep-like, so affected by Social Media? Is it Fear Of Missing Out? Are we happier being pissed off all the time? Are we looking for anger? Join me, Aviva Ounap, host of Crypto and Blockchain Talk as I talk to the founder of Craig Stadler about his amazing video search engine, his new LIVE video platform, the state of social media and where it is headed.

I also recorded an introduction, as after we finished this podcast, something called #StopHateforProfit started, which goes to prove that many companies are sick of the hate and bullying on social media. But even this movement is questionable as they are going after Facebook only, they have a list of demands against only Facebook, and even if Facebook lost $10Billion in revenue, it is nothing compared to their overall revenue and value.

Furthermore, Facebook already said it does not allow hate speech on its platform and acknowledged it could do more to tackle this problem. So how are they going to police billions of posts a day, and what if one slips through the net?

Facebook removed nearly 10 million posts for violating its rules against hate speech in the first three months of 2020, and most were taken down before users reported them. The social network relies on a mix of human reviewers and technology to moderate content but detecting hate speech can be challenging because machines must understand the cultural context of words.
So, what will be the real outcome of this boycott? I fear not much. Except for companies who are boycotting Facebook enjoying great optics, and looking like they are doing something for the good of mankind, and Facebook losing lunch money for one day, I see this not having much impact in the world of social media, as Facebook is only ONE of many platforms.

The only way to really stop the hate is to unplug. Permanently.

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