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Dec 11, 2018

Crypto Trading Education

This week we talk about limit orders, what they are and how to use them.

Plus we talk about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Diamond, Nano, and Pundi X.


Bitcoin Diamond:

Bitcoin Diamond was forked and created from Bitcoin in November 2017. It essentially uses the same technology with a couple of modifications. The total supply is 210,000,000 instead of 21,000,000. It debuts an entirely different mining algorithm for which there is no ASIC available at this time, allowing GPU miners to get back in the game.



Nano is a digital payment currency that differs from most others because instead of using a traditional blockchain ledger, it uses a highly complex block lattice structure instead. This allows for infinite scaling, zero fees, and instant transactions. The big question is, why isn’t everybody using this technology? The answer is because it is hard to get working.


Pundi X:

Pundi X is a new payment system that is gaining huge traction throughout Asia touting themselves as the “Walmart and 7-11 of cryptocurrency”. Their vision is placing their product in every physical store, digitized with the ability for consumers to transact and purchase or sell cryptocurrency with fiat, bank cards, mobile wallets and/or their native private key-encrypted smart card and wallet, XPASS.


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