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Nov 17, 2022

Savings? Nope. Debt? Yes. Humans Suck at Finance. It is a fact. We have no clue about saving and spending as a species. The average human has almost no savings and is full of debt, despite working. Should we be teaching finance in schools, from kindergarten? I certainly think so! It should be right next to, "Johnny. how do you add 2+2? So can you afford the $5 toy? Tell me WHY." Regardless, there are sometimes external circumstances that can push you even further into debt and despair, such as a pandemic. Yet, it is still down to you to learn and get smarter about these things, and that is why you are listening to this podcast because there are resources out there that help you learn and stretch your mind to making the most of your money, and life.

Tune in to, the podcast that makes you smarter about the worlds of blockchain and cryptocurrency, and everything in between. It is our mission to interview the brightest stars in this space, bringing them straight to your ears for your listening pleasure, and best of all, for free! In addition, all interviews are streamed on, bringing you the latest news on all things blockchain and crypto-related all day, every day - plus music! So stay tuned and enjoy. We LOVE having you as our listener, and friend!


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