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May 3, 2021

Devil's Due Publishing is an independent comic book publisher based in Chicago, boasting a wide selection of genres - all under the watchful eye of their CEO Josh Blaylock.

Josh first bounded onto the comic book scene after breathing life back into the GI Joe comic book series after procuring the licensing for GI Joe. He then continued to make a name for himself by adding to the licensed-product portfolio with original, creator-owned titles that currently populate his stable of comic books and graphic novels, all of which are extremely popular.

Join the host of Crypto and Blockchain Talk, Aviva Ounap, as she talks to Josh about Devil's Due impending entrance into the NFT marketplace, his latest cool series 'The Encoded' with hidden rewards, and other really interesting topics that surround the man himself, his love for the creative, and where he sees Mercy Sparks in the future (hopefully, on the big screen)!

If you want a preview of The Encoded, have a look at this video

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