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Sep 26, 2019

Blockwalks, the only conference in the world dedicated to exploring the topics of Blockchain and Smart Cities for the Public Sector, will have a special speaker at this year’s conference. That speaker is 14-year-old Alexander Knoll, the CEO of Ability App. The Ability App will help people find jobs and accessible places, regardless of the type of disability (cognitive, hearing, vision and mobility).

Blockwalks is allowing public sector employees to go FREE this year, in a bid to help educate public sector workers on what blockchain technology means to them and how smart cities offer a better future for everyone involved.

Ability App is still in development, but Alexander will be at Blockwalks ( so you can go and meet the tech stars of tomorrow! But join us now as we talk to Alexander and find out what makes him tick (or tech)!

For more information on Blockwalks 2019 and to see Stefan Junestrand live, please visit and buy your tickets today!

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