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Aug 28, 2018


Hey everyone! This week we are back with the new episode of Crypto and Blockchain Talk podcast. We are covering the topic that many people are asking us, why does coin/token price drop after an ICO? 

Aviva Õunap, the host of the show will explain different factors that can bring down the price including: 

  • The overall state of the cryptocurrency market is very bearish. 
  • ETH, which is also tied to BTC, has lost 80% of its value in that same time frame.
  • Supply and demand of the market.
  • Weak hands.  
  • Supply and demand of the coin.
  • Futures trading.


Cryptocurrency news

Cryptocurrencies are beginning to trade on stock exchanges all over the world. Many banks are coming out with their own cryptocurrencies or partnering up with blockchain companies to use their platforms.

We are looking forward to seeing how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will be implemented in our everyday life!


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